About the Photography Flight-Crew

Will Wegenast has always been passionate about photography and visual media in general. By combining visual media skills with a passion for building vertical take-off flying vehicles he has done what many dreamed of doing as children. To make cameras fly. It began when Will met a young engineer who built a quad-copter. Immediately after, Will knew that he had to build one of his own. Will, who is a tinkerer by nature took his previous Radio Controlled Helicopter experience, thirst for knowledge  and joined DIY Drones and found a community of like minded people from around the world and learned to design and build his own Multi-Rotor Aircraft. Will saw early on that this technology is the future.

Emmanuel Briere, Rotary-wing and Fixed wing RC pilot. Emmanuel brings a passion and expertise to unmanned aircraft. His keen eye for photography and his passion for getting the job done right makes him an extremely valuable member to the Airborne Media Pros’ team. Emmanuel has been flying everything from giant scale fixed-wing planes to helicopters and multi-rotors. Like Will he loves to fly and demands perfection while keeping the public safe. His formal training in mechanics and long term experience with electronic systems ensures that all equipment is safe, reliable and precise. Will and Emmanuel work as a fluid cohesive team to create stunning images and video from any angle and altitude.

Lynne Vaillancourt, Lynne is our site security specialist. Her work in law and passion for photography is one of our greatest assets. Lynne checks all flight plans before submission and guaranties that the site is secure and safe before flights commence. With Lynne’s expertise in legal contracts, security and keen eye for video editing we can ensure safe professional operating areas. All changes to operations must be cleared by Lynne to ensure public and equipment safety so that all work is done to the upmost professional criteria.

The future is here, at present, Airborne Media Pros has two six-rotor Hex-copters with professional grade flight controllers which are specifically designed for low to medium altitude aerial media and imaging. The multi-rotor aircraft can achieve flight speeds of 50kph and remains stable in winds of 30 knots with an effective range ideal for aerial media applications. Pilot and photographer work together from the ground using a video ground station that receives live video from a camera onboard the UAVs that wirelessly transmits video back to the ground station to control the camera and gimbal while the hexicopter is in flight.  The camera records in high-definition video and high resolution photography. Video can be processed for an additional charge for professional video storyboarding and production. Photos are processed to ensure colour correction and vivid details. We are a team of professionals who share a passion for aerial media.

While the operation of flying remotely controlled aircraft is great fun there is still a very serious component to the operation and maintenance of this type of aircraft. Therefore, personal and public safety is our number one concern. We make sure our flights are approved by Transport Canada with Special Flight Operation Certificates (SFOC) and carry at least 2 million UAV liability insurance.

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