The Difference

The guiding principle for Airborne Media Pros in all tasks is to produce the best aerial media and imaging for our clients. Our first priority for all jobs and procedures is public safety. The growing need for small unmanned aircraft for aerial media and imaging has never been greater. Our clients say they need a way to stand out from the crowd, we say stand above the crowd. Our flying cameras make unique locations, spectacular locations. Our Clients can now expect low altitude, precise imaging of virtually any subject in a cost effective package. We can film not only from from high above but also from breath taking perspectives as our cameras can fly just off the ground, along walkways, shorelines and over gardens to create a truly dynamic video or photos that you could have only dreamed of before. Unlike full-scale aircraft we are cost effective and environmentally friendly as all our aircraft is electric and quiet to create shots never seen before. We have a large multirotor for carrying larger cameras and a smaller multirotor ideal for tight spaces and indoor structures such as cathedrals and buildings under construction for spectacular never achieved before perspectives. Contact us to be part of the the future of aerial media. Click on the images below to visit our galleries.

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Photo Gallery

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Video Gallery

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